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pointer from the past?

One of my favourite, earliest memories is of me tucked into the side of a slightly damp riverbank under the root of a pine tree, the sun pouring down through the leaves and sparkling off the water as I carefully wrote in a small school notebook my first play.

I can’t remember what it was about, except that it involved a man and a woman. Regretfully, the notebook went missing years ago, despite my attempts to keep it safe, and … Read the rest

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longing to be heard

I wonder why I am so convinced that a tree makes noise if it falls in a forest even though no one might be there to hear. On the other hand, if I say something out loud, in words or music, and no one reads or listens, I am not nearly so convinced.

Expression of my own ideas in writing or music does bring a kind of satisfaction and release. It’s afterwards, once the idea exists outside my mind, that … Read the rest

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hashtag hell

Sunshine this morning, end of the work week and I’m moving ver-r-ry slow-w-w-wly. Pondering the great things like how fast that #ant made it across the floor once I’d spotted it. And from there, how much our spoken #language will change into some variety of hashtag dialect as our written language seems to be moving towards.

I can hear an emphasis when I read comments sprinkled with hashtags, a kind of ironic, Greek chorus observation that points out the presence … Read the rest

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time to play yet?

I’m resenting that I can’t be outside sitting in the sun with Nick, but it was I who made myself come inside to write.

I get too frustrated writing by hand. My penmanship cannot keep up with my mind. It’s too much hassle to cart out the desktop computer, so I’ve suggested to my honey bunny an iPad would be very helpful and happily, maybe we’ll be able to afford one next year. Definitely tops on my wish list. In … Read the rest

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