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writer’s block


Just because I came up with an important realization did not make the writing go perfectly easily this morning.

Even though I had renewed energy and motivation, and even though I knew that I’m perfectly capable of writing and writing well, I still had to deal with the nuts and bolts of the piece I’m working on. I have to discover the environment of my piece, decide what the location really looks like and how it works with the characters. … Read the rest

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blocked again

Working hard on a piece of fiction, and by working hard I don’t mean pounding the keyboard for hours non-stop. Instead, I mean wrestling with my internal demons preventing me from actually putting words on the page.

I sip my tea, look out the window, examine the ends of my hair, look out the window, turn on some background music, read what I wrote yesterday for the seventh time, think about the characters, wonder why one of them doesn’t fit … Read the rest

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getting started

I spent my morning trying to write some music, getting grumpier and grumpier. First I can’t settle on the sounds I want. Then, when I hear something really interesting, the controller I want to use doesn’t communicate with the software properly. So I switch to another controller but decide it’s too awkward, and maybe I should write the bass line out in my notation software. I try setting that up but cannot get the sound I’ve chosen to respond. I … Read the rest

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writer's block

I’m blocked this morning. My inner editor has total control over what I want to say, so these long conversations are going on inside my head and nothing is coming out through my fingers. I’m hoarding ideas, having had them already judged stale, boring and so obviously not worth the time to express. Major attack. I sit looking out the window at the birds hurrying past. I sip my hot tea, silently, and then read someone else’s blog.Read the rest

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