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working smarter

Every 15 minutes Nick’s timer goes off and we stand up for a moment and sit down again. Apparently, the more times throughout the day people stand up and feel their bodies interacting with gravity, the longer and healthier they live. When we do this, it’s amazing how quickly 15 minutes go by. Most of the time, I think the clock is lying. Surely it can’t have been 15 minutes already! And a few times it’s more than irritating. But … Read the rest

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holiday blues

In a previous job, I used to get 4 weeks of holidays. I hoarded them up and took them all at once, thinking that way I’d be able to live as if I didn’t have to have a day job. I could do what I liked, develop whatever habits I wanted and see what either self-employment or retirement would feel like. One summer I completed a play, another I spent doing as much music as I could. Maybe you can Read the rest

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I’m learning to introduce more privacy in my life. For all my outrage over the NSA revelations and how social media and big networks (I’m looking at you, Google) want to track users, I’m trying to learn where I think I have privacy and where I don’t, and what benefits I’ve lost or gained.

At home, going for a quick pee, I’ve started closing the bathroom door. There’s only Nick and I here, not even a pet to disturb us, Read the rest

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