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day off

It’s the big IPL Final this morning, so we’re rearranging our day to be able to watch.

There’s pressure to do everything quickly, rather sit than gazing out the window at the brilliant green on this gorgeous sunny morning. Trees, bushes and grass seem to be growing towards the house with intent to enter. My day off stretches in front of me, full of promise but hurrying away even as I enjoy the trill of an uncommon bird and the … Read the rest

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managing my 'to do's'

The thing about ‘to do’ lists, besides the fact that they’re never-ending, is how they trick me into a way of life that satisfies me on the surface “look how much I’ve accomplished” while impoverishing me inside. I am so often not ‘in the moment’. I wake up thinking “to do: get out of bed, do exercises, get breakfast…” and I’m already depressed that there won’t be enough time before work for a bit of colouring. And, resentful, I dawdle Read the rest

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