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social media addiction

I’m trying to manage my small but growing social media addiction. I don’t understand why I find it so hard to stay away from it, as when there’s no activity it’s a bit painful. It’s as if I’m moping around home Saturday night hoping for the phone to ring, or running to the front door flap when the mail arrives only to find it’s just more bills.

It’s such a kick to get a little bit of feedback that as … Read the rest

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speed of time

It looks like a wet fall morning out my studio window. It’s raining and since we didn’t do much raking last fall, the backyard looks as it did last October. What a winter. Just when I’d be thinking spring thoughts, I would wake up and look out the window and feel it was time to get ready for Christmas. Again. And again.


We usually have lovely relaxing evenings when I get home from work, but last night we failed to Read the rest

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