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Yesterday I narrowly avoided a major tantrum about our car.

Siobhan is our quirky second hand Toyota who doesn’t always like to start again after she’s been stopped at an intersection. She tries, gives up, chokes and bucks and eventually gets going again. When Siobhan and I finally arrived home, I was proud of myself for not going into hysterics. I explained the situation soberly to Nick, carefully answering his questions without getting hysterical and sighed with relief when he … Read the rest

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emotional hangover

The morning after a very intense discussion, which actually became an argument and then returned to discussion, and I feel hung over. There are signs the discussion is not about what’s on the table, but I don’t yet see them soon enough to prevent the exhausting detours through murky territory. This morning I am calm. I can see yes, I had been speaking from old ideas that had become rote.

Intellectually, I saw myself struggling to understand Nick’s point of Read the rest

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