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time to think

Spit it out! Just spit out. So easy to say to someone hemming and hawing and hedging their bets. So hard to do when you think someone might get hurt.

My mind is filled with these comments that want to come out. I feel I’ve noticed something remarkable and then it’s not enough just to contemplate it. I want to share my observation with someone. It’s through conversation with another that I explore my idea and often get to some … Read the rest

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IPL begins

The IPL cricket tournament has started and I watched part of the first game between KKR and Mumbai Indians last night from Willow’s archive. Nick had watched the whole game live earlier, but I was at work. It was fun to see familiar players in new colours, to hear familiar commentators joking and to feel part of this annual spring (for us at least) event. We have our shakers, and cheer loudly when our favourites score boundaries or get wickets. … Read the rest

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Hate housekeeping

Nick is laughing at me in exasperation and I am a bit beside myself. Yes, it’s spring and birds and flowers aren’t the only ones who know it. Suddenly the basement is flooding, ants are appearing and I keep hunting moths with the vacuum cleaner. And let’s not mention the field mice. It’s all very distracting when I just want to get on with my own stuff. Housekeeping is neither my interest nor my forte, nor Nick’s, and we hate … Read the rest

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Not much

Lots of patches of dull brown ground showing and the air has warmed up. It’s sunny right now, though we’re expected to get a huge amount of rain over the next couple of days.

I’m working on a story so not much to say this morning, except I’ve been listening to Fiori’s album and enjoying learning the words. My two favourite pieces are still Seule and Jamais. I watched the video clip a few times yesterday and thought the Read the rest

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