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back to work

The odd reddish light of the morning has given way to dark clouds as the rain starts to pour down and I still search for my writing topic of the day. It’s the kind of rain that’s bringing down the first of autumn leaves, so not only am I slightly depressed about going back to work, but I’m also feeling as if it’s the end of summer.

I don’t have to go back to school, like many others next week … Read the rest

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rain, rain, don't go away

I’ve just enjoyed a rainy morning, where the inclement weather gave me the perfect excuse to stay indoors and do what I love. It’s becoming sunny now, though, and already I’m feeling the pressure to go outside and do something.

In my youth, being sent outside to play for my own health was often the interruption to some joyful endeavour. I may have been reading, doodling, painting, playing scientist with a microscope or even, heavens!, watching television. But no matter … Read the rest

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Hate housekeeping

Nick is laughing at me in exasperation and I am a bit beside myself. Yes, it’s spring and birds and flowers aren’t the only ones who know it. Suddenly the basement is flooding, ants are appearing and I keep hunting moths with the vacuum cleaner. And let’s not mention the field mice. It’s all very distracting when I just want to get on with my own stuff. Housekeeping is neither my interest nor my forte, nor Nick’s, and we hate … Read the rest

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