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Jump when I say jump!

Man jumping

Jump when I want or you say? Photo by Joshua Earle on


I’m still cheering Seven’s parting comments at the end of “Prey”, the fourth season’s episode of Star Trek: Voyager that I watched last night.

I shouted at the screen in frustration. There it is,  little ship Voyager trundling all by itself in a distant, hostile space, having recovered from attacks by the Borg and then by the Borg’s powerful enemy Species 8472. Now Janeway, in her … Read the rest

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life after life

Nick and I have been looking at stories of near death experiences (, They are quite moving, and I find they offer reassurance about what comes after death. I haven’t experienced it, so of course I don’t know, but I find it really puzzling why those who have don’t talk more about caring for the environment.

There are thousands of stories out there, and we’ve only heard a few. Maybe those who feel able, and who … Read the rest

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