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It looks like a wet fall morning out my studio window. It’s raining and since we didn’t do much raking last fall, the backyard looks as it did last October. What a winter. Just when I’d be thinking spring thoughts, I would wake up and look out the window and feel it was time to get ready for Christmas. Again. And again.


We usually have lovely relaxing evenings when I get home from work, but last night we failed to Read the rest

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It snowed overnight! This is the winter that just will not go away. Two days ago, Nick and I were sitting in garden chairs outside, barefoot in the sun. Today, I have to scrape off the car and wear boots for warmth. Good thing I’ve been grounding myself, or I’m sure I’d be having a hissy fit.

I watched the replay of another brilliant innings by Glenn Maxwell and the Kings XI Punjab last night. We’ve been speculating on the Read the rest

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Behind the Scenes

There’s a chickadee outside, this morning, staring reproachfully at the empty bird feeder.

I’m still thinking about how much I love seeing “behind the scenes” material, especially in the media but I also I think I like it in general. It’s fun trying to figure out how the magic trick was done, or how a big event like the India Premier League was organized. It seems to add magic for me, rather than spoiling it. I like being astonished by … Read the rest

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