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armchair travelling

This morning, Nick and I are changing our routine to accommodate events that are occurring three or four thousand miles away. One of our favourite cricket teams, Sri Lanka, is playing England, and with the magic of the internet and some broadcasting companies, we’re going to be able to watch. Because of the time zone differences, last night we carefully mapped out who does what when, so that I still get to work on time but that I can see … Read the rest

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technology and relating honestly

I wonder whether technology naturally favours city life. For starters, electricity or power of some sort is usually required, which can be hard to find in remote spots. But I was looking at a smart fridge, and Google Glass and wondering about the underlying structures. The more conveniently I can learn what others know, the less I explore my own ideas, for the less time I have for them.

I’ve been hankering after a tablet, thinking I need the portability … Read the rest

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I’m learning to introduce more privacy in my life. For all my outrage over the NSA revelations and how social media and big networks (I’m looking at you, Google) want to track users, I’m trying to learn where I think I have privacy and where I don’t, and what benefits I’ve lost or gained.

At home, going for a quick pee, I’ve started closing the bathroom door. There’s only Nick and I here, not even a pet to disturb us, Read the rest

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responsibilities of a fan

Trying to keep up with the Pepsi IPL cricket tournament is a heavy responsibility for a fan!


There’s at least one game every day and often two. For us here in Canada, the games are broadcast in the mornings. It’s easier for Nick to keep up as he’s home all day, but if it’s a work day for me, I could see one game on the two-game days, but only if I give up some sleep and some studio time. … Read the rest

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