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how not to have fun

For me, struggling with the creative process isn’t just sitting in front of a blank screen, head in hands, waiting for some inspiration to show me the way forward. That happens, for sure, but there’s another kind of struggle I find just as distressing.

It’s when I’m on my weekend, time off from my day job, and I appear to have loads of time I can devote to my art, whatever it is at the moment…writing, music, beading, drawing, photography, … Read the rest

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time out for fun

“Left to myself…”, a phrase that keeps running through my mind.

Left to myself I would keep myself happily occupied with music, writing, eating, reading, learning, enjoying life.

I realize that “left to myself” implies I’m being browbeaten, hassled by forces outside my control, obligated to do things I’d rather not, at least not just now. I was thinking how charming it can be to overhear a child’s conversation with itself as it plays…”now the bunny is going inside the … Read the rest

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