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Jump when I say jump!

Man jumping

Jump when I want or you say? Photo by Joshua Earle on


I’m still cheering Seven’s parting comments at the end of “Prey”, the fourth season’s episode of Star Trek: Voyager that I watched last night.

I shouted at the screen in frustration. There it is,  little ship Voyager trundling all by itself in a distant, hostile space, having recovered from attacks by the Borg and then by the Borg’s powerful enemy Species 8472. Now Janeway, in her … Read the rest

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a new start

Tough to settle this morning.

I think what’s going on is my beginning of the work week “To Do’s” list is banging on my head, demanding attention and interrupting my focus. It’s the end of a long weekend, and now I have time limits on everything I do, my breakfast preparations, my exercises, getting dressed, and most importantly, my creative moments. I look at the patch of clear morning sunshine sliding across the wall and while I enjoy how pretty … Read the rest

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managing my 'to do's'

The thing about ‘to do’ lists, besides the fact that they’re never-ending, is how they trick me into a way of life that satisfies me on the surface “look how much I’ve accomplished” while impoverishing me inside. I am so often not ‘in the moment’. I wake up thinking “to do: get out of bed, do exercises, get breakfast…” and I’m already depressed that there won’t be enough time before work for a bit of colouring. And, resentful, I dawdle Read the rest

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