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the way I was

I’ll get to explore my relationship with the “Black Bomber” for a while longer, as Siobhan extends her stay at Mr. Transmission. We’re hoping to welcome our Toyota back Monday noon. In the meantime, Nick and I rearrange our weekly routines. Because of the car rental rules, he’s not allowed to drive the Black Bomber, meaning I now need to pick up our Farmers’ Market shopping. We decide to postpone the rest of the town chores until Monday.
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car breakdown reveals…?

Our poor, labouring car finally gave up her heroic attempts to keep moving despite a burnt out clutch on Tuesday . After a panicky call to CAA for a tow, we heard the news that I was stranded in town as, due to incredibly busy schedules, Siobhan couldn’t be repaired on the same day, and maybe not even until next week. The two automobile rental businesses in Orillia had no available vehicles. Return cab fare would cost more than what … Read the rest

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did I really gain from the women's movement?

"A Cup of Tea" Lilla Cabot Perry (United States, Massachusetts, Boston, 1848-1933),

“A Cup of Tea” Lilla Cabot Perry (United States, Massachusetts, Boston, 1848-1933),

Reading Octavia by Beryl Kingston and of her adventures in the 1920s, I wonder why on earth Dalton schools, with their high success rate of producing happy, intelligent students, aren’t the norm. Renown for taking the brutality out of formal education, and stimulating young girls into taking both joy and responsibility for their own learning, I’m envious. Why couldn’t I have gone to one? And while … Read the rest

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don't throw that out!

lunchtime message

When I open my packsack to get out my lunch goodies, a battered, blue post-it falls out. I read it for the fiftieth time, smile, and tuck it back into a pocket where I know I’ll find it tomorrow.

It’s only two words, a simple directive from my husband who makes my lunch for me every weekday morning. “Eat sauerkraut!” is all it says. It’s a reminder from two weeks ago, when we’d both forgotten to buy any during our … Read the rest

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