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electro-magnetic woo-woo's

Lumme, Friday already. It’s been a hell of a week for breakdowns.

There’s the ongoing saga of Siobhan the Toyoto, and really, for us, car repair stuff is fairly unusual and noteworthy.

At work, our debit machine went all screwy on Monday and had to be rebooted, and during that operation, our number one cash register deprogrammed itself and had to be reprogrammed. That’s never happened in the more than five years I’ve been at the store. More importantly for … Read the rest

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how to win the battle of the leaves?

I look out my studio window and feel immense pressure to get out there and rake leaves. A few leaves still hang onto the maple, but they are likely to retain their grip all winter long. So probably, officially, the leaves covering the ground are this season’s haul.


I’m feeling so pushed that I entertain the thought of putting a coat on over my pajamas and getting out there to rake before it’s fully light, before I’ve had breakfast and … Read the rest

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siobhan's saga sends stress soaring

My stomach is still in knots. Siobhan, our second hand Toyota, is back with a new clutch but we’re going straight back to the mechanic to have her brakes attended to.

The really upsetting part, however, is that the problem I’m most uncomfortable with is still unidentified. Now, each time I look at Siobhan in the driveway, I’m fearfully anticipating an anxious, stressful drive.
Siobhan has this intermittent behaviour where she’ll suddenly lose power. It happens most often after being … Read the rest

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