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time, time, time, see what's become of me*

Okay, how did it get to be Friday already? It feels like it should be Wednesday.

I know as we age most people report feeling time whizzing by faster and faster, but this seems unusually speedy. I wonder if it’s because I’m doing more and more things that I enjoy. It used to be that I really didn’t like a lot of what I had to do. I remember absolutely abhorring Mondays, and wishing for Wednesday evenings, the regular night … Read the rest

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here we go again

It’s so easy to be stuck.

I have all these great ideas about stories to write, projects to bead and music to create. I think of exciting things to try during the night, wake up reasonably motivated, charge into my studio, and screech to a halt in front of the computer. Too many choices. Too many directions. I feel I have to choose the one, best direction for my energy and efforts, the most rewarding or the most marketable. And … Read the rest

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back to work

Re-entry is always awkward. It takes me a while to reorient myself from following nifty ideas and colour pathways to suddenly having chores and obligations that have very little resemblance to what I’d been dreaming about.

It usually takes me at least half a day to get back on top, to deal with things that have happened while I’ve been away, to remember my various deadlines and to pick up where I had left off. While I’m driving in to … Read the rest

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