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time for process

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taking time

A thing I never had patience with was process. I used to make a decision and want immediate results. Like expecting a page to load immediately upon pressing my browser’s “go” button. I suppose I abandoned many potential treasures because I wasn’t willing to wait more than four seconds.

These days, I’m a little more patient. I’m noticing myself completing projects over longer terms. It’s easier for me to ignore the panic that I won’t be able to … Read the rest

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feedback fear

the face that started it all

the face that started it all

I won’t ask for feedback on my creative projects, in spite of feeling that I really should.

I am afraid.

I don’t think I’ve got a clear idea of what it is I want to say about the world and my experience of it. And if I give someone else a chance to offer an opinion, I know I’m a wimp, and I’ll change my work to meet their expectations. I’ll lose the opportunity … Read the rest

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attack of the killer inner critic

It’s absolutely amazing how foul a mood I can get into when I’m about to put myself “out there”.

Last night, I decided I need to take a picture of myself, a “selfie”, to use as avatar for a particular service I was interested in. I’ve avoided putting pictures of myself online for a few years now, something to do with privacy but more to do with lack of self-esteem. It hasn’t really mattered before, but the more I read … Read the rest

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time, time, time, see what's become of me*

Okay, how did it get to be Friday already? It feels like it should be Wednesday.

I know as we age most people report feeling time whizzing by faster and faster, but this seems unusually speedy. I wonder if it’s because I’m doing more and more things that I enjoy. It used to be that I really didn’t like a lot of what I had to do. I remember absolutely abhorring Mondays, and wishing for Wednesday evenings, the regular night … Read the rest

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