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time for process

time for process

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A thing I never had patience with was process. I used to make a decision and want immediate results. Like expecting a page to load immediately upon pressing my browser’s “go” button. I suppose I abandoned many potential treasures because I wasn’t willing to wait more than four seconds.

These days, I’m a little more patient. I’m noticing myself completing projects over longer terms. It’s easier for me to ignore the panic that I won’t be able to finish, or that I won’t want to finish. The reward is that the end result may be a little more complex, and have more depth than I originally planned. Nick would say I’m making room for the unconscious to contribute. Betty Edwards might describe it as the right brain doing its thing. However it’s described, I’m finding the new habit of taking breaks from effort turns my work into a different adventure.

It occurs to me that I especially like Star Trek’s multi-part episodes, because I’m watching a process unfold. Deep Space Nine does this brilliantly, weaving weighty topics with characters and events that must deal with consequences. It’s one of the earliest television shows to break with the tradition of wrapping every storyline up in 60 minutes or less. And now with today’s ability to binge-watch, DS9 continues to win new audiences who understand and even crave long story arcs.

In my world, this makes perfect sense. Perhaps the sheer amount of time I’ve been on the planet attunes me towards longer stories. More probably, it’s the age-old longing for a good story never to end.



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