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drowning in stuff

drowning in stuff

I’ve been working hard at learning to use Joe the iPad and at making an absolutely huge shift in my diet, based in large part on “Cure Tooth Decay”.

So what happens? The house seems to run amok.

Without my consent, Clutter has invaded and taken over. We are stepping over books on the floor, homeless boxes of bulk-purchased dry goods and the odd dead plant. Every flat surface is covered with beading or knitting projects, ailing computers, project plans and unread flyers. Chairs hold extra shawls, tissue boxes, scissors, nail files and notebooks. The weed whacker stands in a corner beside the extra fan and the mittens basket is open to reveal what we’re going to be needing soon. And let’s not even peek into the kitchen!

For some reason, it seems easier for us to sidle past in narrowing corridors, and shift things from one chair to another, rather than just find homes for these articles and put them away. It might have something to do with the weather, which is unseasonably cool and rainy and feels like the dead of November. The furnace is on already, I’ve a zillion projects in my mind I’d like to attempt, and it’s much more appealing to break out another ball of wool for a new set of mittens rather than figure out where to put the old ones.

It’s a nesting instinct gone horribly astray.

In the joyful accumulation of things to make life comfortable, Nick and I are squeezing ourselves in and around things and really, when it comes down to it, not actually noticing how much we are contorting ourselves. The only time I really thought about housecleaning was after I’d spent four hours trying to get Joe the iPad to play nicely with EBSCO audiobooks – they didn’t – and frustrated, I walked into the kitchen and had a meltdown about not being able to find a clean spoon. Well. Nick and I discussed my downloading issue, resolved to contact tech support and try a workaround, and we left the kitchen happier. I was re-energized and motivated to try another gambit with Joe, and Nick went to watch a cricket game.

And the house quietly continues to absorb stuff, and surreptitiously makes plans to take over the world.

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