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betwixt and between

betwixt and between

I’m slowly getting back to my routine of doing a musical improvisation first thing in the morning.

It hasn’t taken long, though, for the joy of the sounds to be tarnished by the complexity of the setup. I work with electronic instruments and midi instruments, and while the alluring tonalities and sparkling accents connect me with some deep, emotional truths, the hassles of getting everything to work when I so choose irritate me bigtime.

I keep thinking there should be some easier way to trigger patches and switch voices. I’m caught between wanting to improvise in the moment and needing to prepare the computer to understand rhythm, sound choices and tempo. I set up parameters in advance and the find myself wanting to break those boundaries. No matter how many instruments, controllers, fingers and toes I use, there always comes a moment during playing when I want something unattainable.


Not unlike, say, life!

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