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tech dreams

I’m puzzling out my attraction to and my uneasiness with technology. I’ve just seen some impressive demonstrations of virtual reality by Inition. Putting on a helmet linked up to a specialized television system in order to get a front row seat at a remote event looks fun. I’d love to see a cricket game that way. But I also saw an interview clip with the main man, Andy Millns, who spoke of developing brain implants. He imagines they would bypass current technological problems of delivering light information to the eyeballs. This is after some discussion of Google Glass, and shots which show what one sees looking through a pair.

Implants? Already I am in the science fiction world of cyborgs.  Already, the things I do for fun lure me into methods of controlling me by the powerful few. I look outside where the sun shines quietly on a budding maple tree. I’m at my computer, connected to these amazing videos from people thousands of miles away from me. I’m hooked. I’m excited about possibilities.

But implants?

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